So, you have no money. Is it time to start a business? OK! All right! If there is no money, where to find the budget for promotion ? To attract customers?

In fact, there are several ways that we will share with you today, they will help you determine the main vectors of the advertising strategy.

And who is your buyer?

First of all, you need to decide who is selling goods or services: for b2b (business for business) or b2c (business for customers) sector? Perhaps you work with both types of clients. For example, our training center is popular with students, freelancers, and business representatives, whose employees need to be trained.

As a rule, b2c is a sector of fast sales. When the user has a need, and he solves his question on his own or, as a maximum, in consultation with his wife / husband. In the b2b sector, everything is a little different, you are dealing with a company, and according to the classics there are additional questions of product uniqueness, company reliability, quality and customer service.

Supplement: 19 tips for executives to promote B2B business on the Internet!

Uniqueness (Unique Trade Offer)?

One of the classroom statements on entrepreneurship: “The task of the entrepreneur, to find a new market and become the number 1 on it.” Very deep thought, it is very important. In order to be the first to enter the market, you need to have a small amount of courage and bet on a unique direction and win. But the game is worth the candle: due to the uniqueness, the growth of your company can be 100 times faster than the creation of a similar product in the emerging market.

Thus, either we find the “chip” and the path will be easier. Or we do not find a “chip” and the path will be more difficult. The choice is yours!

Analysis of competitors

The advertising budget can be drained in 1 second. Actually =) I checked =) Especially good at me it turned out with advertised advertising in Vkontakte. Well, that merged with the advertising of his personal course =)

In order to understand what advertising activities are worth making a bet, you need to conduct a detailed analysis of competitors. Analyzing competitors, you can understand and realize the following:

  • What advertising tools do your competitors bet on?
  • What are the advertising channels for everyone?
  • And who is actually from all the group is young and successful? Due to what they have managed to achieve results in a short period of time? What channels of online advertising do they use and how?

Analyzing competitors, you can determine the minimum pool of advertising activities that are worth trying. Plus, you will understand what channels of advertising competitors do not use. This may be due to inefficiency or because competitors simply have not yet allocated marketing budgets to new tools (which often happens because large companies, as we know, are not particularly agile, and due to this, young companies have a chance to turn into large).

Large companies, as we know, are not particularly agile and due to this, young companies have a chance to turn into big ones =)

Bid on innovation in advertising and promotion

As the technology develops, new channels are added to the old channels of Internet advertising. So, you have to bet on new channels and tools.

And so on. If you are not a professional in this business, and you do not have a team, then, most likely, you will go around your finger. You need to train employees and bet on new channels.

What do western marketers plan to focus on?

Lid sources (potential customers' references)

B2B (business for business):

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization);
  • Email Marketing;
  • SMM (advertising in social networks);
  • Exhibitions;
  • Telemarketing;
  • Direct mailing;
  • Corporate blog;
  • Contextual advertising;
  • Traditional advertising (outdoor advertising, radio, television).

B2C (business for the client):

  • SMM (advertising in social networks);
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization);
  • Email Marketing;
  • Traditional advertising (outdoor advertising, radio, television);
  • Direct mailing;
  • Corporate blog;
  • Exhibitions;
  • Contextual advertising;
  • Telemarketing;

In general, we can distinguish 3 most effective advertising tools for any type of business:


– SEO (search engine optimization of the site) – a set of measures for internal and external optimization, to raise the site’s position in the results of the search engines for specific users.

– SMM (advertising in social networks) is a complex of activities on using social media as channels for promoting companies and solving other business problems.

– Email marketing is communication with subscribers of own database of e-mail addresses on their prior consent.

– Yandex.Market  – a service for comparing the characteristics of goods and their prices.

– Contextual advertising – the type of Internet advertising, in which an advertisement is displayed in accordance with the content, context of the Internet page.

Top 5 tools, according to the results of the survey of the course participants SEO-Intensive :

  • SEO;
  • Yandex Market;
  • Contextual advertising;
  • Email marketing;
  • SMM (advertising in social networks).


Top 10 useful links for the leader:

Email Marketing:

Web Analytics:


Blog / Copywriting:




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