7 free and little-known tools for more productive work on the Internet

This material is a continuation of a series of articles on tools that are useful for Internet marketers. In it, we collected 7 super-useful and very few known services that clearly fulfill the declared functions and do not require any monetary investment. Enjoy and do not forget to share with your friends 😉


1. Sharegrab

Sharegrab is a free tool with which you can quickly find the most popular content of the selected pages on Facebook. This can be useful both for more efficient content management, and for tracking the actions of competitors.

Main advantages of the service:

  • Do not need to subscribe to interesting pages in Facebook itself and clutter up your news feed.
  • The selected pages can be sorted by folders (for example, in one folder you can add only foreign pages, and in another – Russian, in one – pages devoted to a healthy lifestyle, and in another – pages with great quotes).

How does this work in practice?

The first thing you need to do is register. To do this, click on “Sign up” – “Create my free account” and then enter your login and password from Facebook.


Then add interesting pages. We click “Manage pages” and enter their names (the service will help you with autocomplete). Those pages that do not suit you can be deleted at any time by clicking on the cross on the right.


After you add the pages, you need to distribute them to folders (so-called pods – pods). I, for example, have only two folders. In one, I keep foreign pages on subjects of interest to me, in another – Russian. But you can do more – their number is not limited. To add a page to the desired folder, just drag it. To rename the folder, click “Rename”. To view the most popular posts of pages, click on the name of the folder in which they are located. The following hypha clearly shows how to do this.


By default, the service shows you the most popular posts for 3 days, but you can change the time interval for 1 day, week and month.


Why do you need this service? With it, you can more effectively curate interesting content, as well as scoop ideas from more successful pages of competitors.

2. Hellobar

Do you see the red panel that hangs at the top of some sites and offers you a gift?


This is the Hello Bar, and you can also tweak it to your site absolutely free of charge. With it, you can promote your newsletter or send traffic to a specific page on your site.

Main advantages of the service:

  • A large number of settings: different colors, buttons, size, movement along with the page, the ability to collect emails, etc.
  • Adaptability: if you are sitting with a computer, right now grab the browser for a corner, reduce the size of the window and see for yourself.
  • Quite detailed analytics (number of impressions – 1, conversions – 2, percent conversion – 3).

How does this work in practice?

When you go to the site hello bar, the first thing you will be asked to do is enter the address of your site. Introducing.


Then you will be asked to choose the banner purpose: redirect traffic to a specific page, collect email addresses or invite your users to join your group in social networks (invite them to share your content)?


If you choose the first option , you will need to enter the link to the page where the traffic will go and choose your panel will be displayed on any page of the site (at all, at any certain or in general on any one).


In the second window, enter the main text of the panel and the text of the button (or links, depending on what you select). From the top you can immediately see the finished result.


Immediately set the necessary settings:


After that we press the button “Continue”, enter your email and password (for registration on the site) and the way to install the banner:


 I can install the code myself” – you will be given a code that you will have to add to your site. “I’m using WordPress” – you will be given a link to download the plugin. “Write to my webmaster” – you leave the mail of your webmaster and send him a letter with the code. “I need help” – a window appears in front of you, where you can enter your question.

If you select the second or third option, you will have to go through almost the same steps. All settings are simple and intuitive. If something does not understand, ask in the comments, everything will be explained in detail.

Why do you need this service? In order not to waste time creating your own panel.

3. Clipping magic

Clipping magic is a service that allows you to delete a background of any image in a few clicks. For those who do not know how to work in Photoshop, it’s just a godsend. You just take a green marker, guide them through the object you want to save, then take a red marker and guide them to the background. All – the background was deleted.

Main advantages of the service:

  • Funny price: 3 dollars a month for 15 ready photos (that is, they can be altered until you like the final version), 8 dollars – for 100 and 15 dollars – for 500.
  • Intuitive interface.

How does this work in practice?


Why do you need this service? Not to steam with Photoshop.


Many have heard about the service “If this than that”, that it is very useful and therefore so popular abroad, but it uses very few people in the runet. Why? Because it is not so easy to understand in it (I say from my own experience). Why is it needed?

IFTTT allows you to connect two services among themselves so that the action on one of them causes an action on the other. To become more clear, I will give an example:


Or here is one more:


And you can think of such combinations as much as you like! At the moment, the site IFTTT available 104 service , among which you can create links. The most popular among them are: Facebook (profiles, pages and groups), Instagram, LinkedIn, Reddit, Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube, WordPress, Blogger, Email, Evernote. Unfortunately, there is no Vkontakte and some other services popular in runet.

Main advantages of the service:

  • Great functionality.
  • The ability to create your own recipes.

How does this work in practice?

First you need to activate your profiles in the social networks and services that you need, then select your favorite recipe (or come up with your own) and click on the “Use recipe” button. For example, I chose this:


After activating the recipe, I rassharila article in Facebook with my short commentary, and she immediately appeared on Twitter.


A few more useful and interesting, in my opinion, recipes, many of which I use myself:

  • Announcement of articles from Facebook will automatically appear in Livejournal , Google+ , Twitter and LinkedIn .
  • Videos that you have marked as favorite on Youtube, are automatically published in Facebook and Twitter .
  • Photos uploaded to Instagram, automatically added to the album on Facebookand on Flickr service .
  • All new posts on WordPress site automatically published in Facebook and Twitter .

All recipes can be found by searching . Also you can create your own. Variations just the sea, I even found a recipe for automatic posting from Vkontakte to a site that runs on WordPress. That is, in fact, you can also use unknown IFTTT sites. The main thing is to understand how this is done.

Why do you need this service? It automates your work and saves you a lot of time.

5. Taggled. TV

Service Taggled.tv allows you to add to the regular video on Youtube various tags by clicking on which, users will see additional information. Where can this be used? For example, in the rollers showing certain products. If a viewer likes a thing, he can click on the tag, learn more about it, and then go on to make a purchase. Very comfortably!

Main advantages of the service:

  • Functionality.
  • Quite a lot of settings.

How does this work in practice?

You add a link to your video and start attaching tags to it. A total of six tags: a tag for adding music, Google Maps, product information, a person, a website, and a simple text tag.


The following video uses only three tags:

  1. simple text (9-10 seconds)
  2. The tag that adds information about the site (14-20 seconds)
  3. Google Maps tag (25-30 seconds)

I want to apologize in advance, the tags were added in a hurry, only to show you the possibilities of the service, so you do not really need to make much sense in them:

Why do you need this service? Because Youtube does not allow to insert in their annotations , links to other resources.


6. Topsy

One of the most effective ways to create viral content is to find an article that has already generated quite a lot of success, and write even better. In this you can greatly help free online service Topsy, who is looking for articles with the most backlinks.

How does this work in practice?

All you need to do is select the “Links” section and enter the query that interests you.


Then set the time interval “All time” (for the whole time of existence) and sort the list by relevance of the pages.


After this, you will have a list of the most popular content on a given topic. Your task is to study it, understand what made it so popular, and write even better.

Why do you need this service? To quickly find popular content on the topic.

7. Knowem

Free Knowem tool analyzes the pages of the site and determines how well you optimized your content for social networks. In particular, he looks at the availability of local tags, Open Graph tags, Twitter cards, Google authorship, and also title, discourse and keywords. Here is an example of a report he gave on one of our articles:


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7 free and little-known tools for more productive work on the Internet

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